We offer training in Basic and Advanced Obedience, Agility, Tricks, Behavioural Modification, Relieving Nuisance Barking, Teaching Defense Barking, Relieving "Dog to Dog" and "Dog to Human" Aggression and many other forms of problem behaviours. All classes are Private One on One sessions. Call for details.

    Understanding how dogs communicate and their limitations in communication is key to training a dog. Click the link to learn some more about whether or not dogs consciously "Communicate." During all of the classes or private sessions, we teach the underlying reasons for why a dog does what it does and why it might not. It can all be figured out using K9 Komfort Inn's "Four Laws of Dog Training." These laws not only guide a handler in every interaction with their dog, but also allow the handler to solve any problem with the dog. Click the link for more information on the four laws or go to the Obedience page and scroll down.

    Through the use of the four laws, we have found that a "Choices" method of dog training garners the best results for both handler and dog. Choices simply means that the dog is not forced coerced or bribed. Through repetition the dog realizes that there is a benefit to interacting with the handler and is allowed time to figure out what to do in order to gain that benefit. If the dog is pressured it will either complete the task, but not retain the information as well due to not having figured it out for itself. Or, it will avoid the pressure and fake a response in order to gain the benefit. What it cannot do is ignore the pressure and perform at its best. This is because pressure by its very nature distracts from the problem at hand. Due to this immutable fact about pressure, we do not use any. The dog is always free to move away and avoid. If your dog is moving away or avoiding, it is the negative effect of pressure and it is time to learn another way to train.


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All the information you need to get you started on your path to having a better experience          with your dog.

Six In a Year    6 Private classes that can be taken at any time in one year from the purchase date. Each class is one and a half hours long and can be used as you wish. This means that if you want to do obedience you can. If you want to talk about problem behaviours, you can. It is your time to get what you want. The trainer will sort out what you need and set out a plan and training schedule for you to get it. The dates and times are set by you each visit, when we are available. This means that you may need a Wednesday at 8pm for a couple of sessions, but need others on Friday at Noon. We will work with your schedule. The 6 in a Year plan is a total of $350 tax not included. Please call for further information.


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For pictures, video and information on classes in agility, check out this page.

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If you want to build a better relationship with your dog, show off your dogs skills or just want to have fun, this class is for the two of you.