Free Assessments are available to owners for their dogs behaviour, training advice, or just to understand their options with their dog. The assessments are generally 30 minutes long and can easily be set up by contacting us by phone, text, email or coming in. We require the dog to be with the handler and, if possible, that those that have an impact on the dogs life are present, (up to 3 people.)

    During the assessment we will test the dogs ability to leave its handler and to return to its handler. We will observe its capacity to calm down from its initial level of arousal. The dog will be given some tasks to complete in order to see its tractability. A demonstration of the exercises Watch and Touch are given, and the handler is to repeat them with their dog.

    Upon leaving, the owner should have had time to speak about the problems they are experiencing with their dog. Have been given a demonstration of the Watch and Touch exercises, as they are great at focusing and calming a dog. Paper work, or an emailed copy, with instructions of the Watch and Touch exercises, or other pertinent exercise,  will have been given. The handler should have had time to ask questions and received answers to questions on the training options available, and been given some direction of what to do with their dog if they cannot attend a session right away.

    Assessments are free and a great source of information on what your options are with your dog. Whether your dog is considered a problem or a protege, an assessment can always help. Contact us to book yours today.