,    K-9 Komfort Inn was founded in 1995. The original owners kept the business small and only boarded certain breeds of dog and cat. Upon our purchase of the business in January of 2004, Jenny and I began to expand the business in many ways. The first being the acceptance of all breeds of dog or cat. We also removed the office from one section of the building and installed 6 more dog pens, increasing our total to 17 pens for dogs. Our cat boarding area was moved to a smaller attached building along with the office.

    In 2008 construction on a large training building was started and the office and cat room was moved. This building, a 10 x 12, was moved about 120 ft away and used as a private boarding area that includes heat and hydro along with two 10 x 20 external runs. We call this building the Cottage and use it for private boarding, including Rehabilitation Training and Isolation for dogs that are in heat or sick.

    The new building is attached to the main kennel and supplies us with a 60 ft x 32 ft training room, a large office with a washroom. It also contains a large grooming room and a small animal boarding room. Which along with cats and small dogs, has boarded a Hamster, a Bearded Dragon and a potbellied pig. We would like to board more diverse animals if we get the chance as they are a lot of fun to interact with.

    In the ten years that we have had the training building, we have run many Obedience classes, Agility, Rally O, Flyball, Trick and other classes. It has been enjoyable and we are looking forward to more this year.

    We have, along with expansion to our business, expanded our family. Jenny and I have three children that are well versed in how to run a boarding business. Whether it is the knowledge of how to feed 20 dogs, when dogs should be let out or what it is like to spend an hour picking up dog poop, they have experienced fully the lifestyle of a dog boarding and training business. It is our hope that one of them will take over the business in the future and expand it further. Before then, we have our own plans for other expansions and for a list of them please go to our Growth Page.

    Our K9 Komfort Inn family wishes to see you in the future. Whether it is for boarding a dog, or 2 cats, training for obedience, helping with behavioural problems for your dog, or just a day care visit, you are welcome.