From Basic to Advanced, from Puppy to Elder Dogs,

From Small Breed to Giant Breed,

We can Teach You how to Teach your Dog!

    Whether you are looking to teach a high level of obedience, some basic manners, or just want your dog to be able to walk with you down the street without causing trouble, this obedience class is for you.

    Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Heel, Recall, Watch and Touch are the basics that we teach. They are all taught, in basic form, whilst on leash. In the more advanced classes, they are perfected off leash, along with other exercises that are above the basic lessons. All dogs should know these exercises as they are the basis for most other more advanced exercises and allow a dog to fit in at home and on the street.

    The method used for teaching throughout all of the exercises and levels, is "Choices Training." This method involves only one thing.. the dog choosing to interact willingly or choosing not to. This is because without a willing dog, the handler will have to continually force, coerce, bribe, chastise, or punish in order to maintain the response the handler was originally looking for. Due to "Fade Off," a term used to explain the natural decrease in enthusiasm a creature feels for a repeated act, all trainers are fighting genetics and ultimately will loose. At K-9 Komfort we believe that "It is better not to fight but to move with your dog.." In order to maintain that attitude throughout all training goals we have come up with the "Four Laws of Dog Training." These four laws enable a handler to always figure out what to do, what went wrong, and how to proceed. By simply applying the four laws, and with some experience, a handler can always understand and move forward with their dog. The four laws are shown below and are free for any to use. However, it is advised that a proper understanding of them is gained before trying them and expecting them to work their magic. So, upon learning what the four laws of dog training are, we recommend coming in for a better explanation and demonstration.