Helping Dogs with Problems

     For the rehabilitation of dogs that have been given up to rescues and other societies that are not able to affect change within the dog. Please Note that this service is for Humane Societies, Breed Rescues and other groups.

For individual dog owners looking for rehab services, please call and request our free assessment and information.

    Our goal is to make changes within a dog, that currently is not fit for rehoming, so that it can have the chance at adoption and a better life. Many groups have a great capacity to find, rescue, care for and rehome dogs, but lack the knowledge and or time to rehabilitate them. Sometimes that prevents a dog from being able to move on from the facility to a home environment. K-9 Komfort Inn has the knowledge, the facilities and the time to be able to rehab dogs. To move them from a mental state that prevents rehoming to one that allows it.

    There are as many ways to do this as there are dogs problems that prevent them from adoption. This is because each time a dog comes into our facility or we go out to a home, the dogs particular needs have to be met in order to make the change, (see the Four Laws of Dog Training for an explanation of this.) The dogs individual way of dealing with its fears dictate what we do. This means that for one dog we may have to walk them on a leash and keep them moving, for another we might use agility training to get the dog to relax and enjoy itself. Others may need to spend hours sitting and watching the world go by in order to learn about "Conclusion of Events" so that their fear of the busy world diminishes. Each dog dictates the soloution, not the handler.

    For a better, more in depth, explanation of our rehabilitation techniques, contact us and we can arrange to meet and give you and your group what you need to help those tough cases that need all our help.