Helping Dogs with Problems

     For the rehabilitation of dogs that have been given up to rescues and other societies that are not able to affect change within the dog. Please Note that this service is for Humane Societies, Breed Rescues and other groups.

For individual dog owners looking for rehab services, please call and request our free assessment and information.

    If your group is linked with us you will find your page in a link below. There you will be able to download pictures, video and files on your dogs that we have worked with or are currently working with. Please call or text from your business line to acquire the password to access your files.

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Humphry has a new home and is doing well.

June 23 2019 an update to Humphrey's progress has been added.

June 25 2019 a video of Humphrey in the park added

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Bo has found a new home and is doing very well.