Fun for the Handler and Fun for the Dog

    Teaching a dog tricks might often be more difficult than teaching it basic obedience, but it is more fun. As we know if the handler is having fun the dog will be having fun. This is why Trick Training class is one our favourites to teach. The handlers are happy and the dogs are happy and at the end of each class they go home knowing one more trick. In fact although there are only 6 classes, they go home knowing, or knowing how to work on, an average of 10 different tricks. The tricks range from Sneezing on command, Figure 8 between the legs, to crawling, putting specific toys away in a box, to dancing with the handler. The list below is a sample and anybody can come in and request I teach them a trick they know but cant complete. The biggest block to teaching tricks is timing.

    The dogs must come to the class very hungry, as treats are our motivators. Please don't bring a tired dog or a sick one. Dogs need to be healthy in order to figure out a new trick. Each dog should have on a well fitting collar and a 6 foot leash. There are no punishments involved other than denying access to a treat.

Below is a list of Tricks, amongst others, that we teach.

Crawl        Sneeze        Figure 8        Spin        Dance        Weave through legs        Roll Over        Play Dead

Select a certain Toy        Put your Toys Away        Balance on Nose        Learn Left from Right        Climb in a Box

Stand on a Box        Put Head in a Box        Bark        Be Quiet        Return Dropped Object        Kick a Box