The following is a list of Recent or Ongoing Projects designed to improve the functionality and look of our business.

If you have any questions on these projects or have ideas for others, please let us know.

Recent and Ongoing Projects

  • Small Park Area opened up with Trails for Dog Walks.
  • Rock and Log Benches in the Park.
  • Hump Back Bridge created over the culvert from our pond.
  • Rock & Log Railing at the "S" Bend on Madeline Lane and at other culverts. More work on this is to be done.
  • "S" Bend area has been widened and leveled. More work on this is to be done.
  • Purchase of a Plow Truck to do a Better, Faster job of snow removal.
  • New Snow Plow Areas created for the dumping of snow to speed up the process of plowing Madeline Lane and our business property.
  • Completion of a Circular Drive to allow driving in and out more easily.