The following is a list of Past, Present and Future projects that we have completed or will endevour to complete. The future projects are often able to be completed as stated, but sometimes real life requires some modifications or even a complete shutdown of a project. Please remember that the "future projects" is like a wish list that often comes true but sometimes cannot.

Future Projects


Drainage channel dug from the main grass pen area out 100 ft to take away the spring thaw water that builds up in the main pen by the kennel wall.


1 acre of brush land to be cleared and fenced to provide a second large pen for dogs to use as a play area. This area will allow the current main pen to be more thoroughly landscaped and the grass to have time to recover. Each play area will last and look better with the chance lay fallow for a period each year.


Current interior pen gates to be fitted with bars rather than chain link fence. This will not only make the gates stronger but more easy to clean and maintain.

Test Gate in Progress

Main kennel floor paint to be removed and the floor to be resurfaced or left bare. The current floor paint is peeling and looks messy.

Smaller front play area, 20 x 30 is to have the old gravel and grass removed and either reseeded or have ground cloth placed down and new gravel on top.

Present Projects

The acquisition of a Mini Excavator for future projects


Addition of Video to the Web Site that can be both viewed and downloaded. This will be for general public use and private use for those taking part in training classes and for the groups in the Rehabilitation Services section.

Under Development

Past Projects

Purchase of a Mini Excavator in order to complete some of the following projects

Completed   We now own an Hyundai 25hp excavator.

Culvert replacement and additions. There are 2 culverts along the drive to K-9 Komfort Inn and one is located on our property. The other is at the S bend of Madeline Lane. Both these culverts will be repaired or replaced. A third culvert will be installed near the 12th line at the base of the first hill. This culvert will stop overflow that happens each spring.

Completed   A new culvert was placed at the base of the first hill. The culvert at the S bend was cleaned out and dug in deeper, so as to prevent the freezing that was happening to it. The culvert at the pond was replaced with a larger one.

Replacement of Chain Link Panel Pens with Hard Wall Pens. This gives the dogs a greater feeling of safety from the other dogs and is much easier to keep clean.

The Cottage, used for private boarding and Rehab Training, now consist of only one large pen instead of three. It gives more room for the dog and is easier to maintain.

Creation of "Drop In,"  "Open" and Certificate Classes for training. Click for a proper explanation.