The following is a list of Recent or Ongoing Projects designed to improve the functionality and look of our business.

If you have any questions on these projects or have ideas for others, please let us know.


Recent and Ongoing Projects

*  All Pen Gates inside the Main Boarding area have been replaced with new gates that are stronger and can be kept cleaner. The old gates were chain link.

*  Island in Circular Drive being taken apart and reset.

*  2ft Gravel Border to be placed around the Training Building.

*  Relocation of unsightly an Old Equipment Dump, Sorting and Removing.

*  Installation of 8 video cameras on the property and in the facility to monitor the activities of the dogs.

*  Road Maintenance and Improving of the usability of the road. This includes removal of dead trees before they fall, brush that crowds the road and grading etc.

*  Replacement of a 100ft section of fence in the Agility Area.

*  Expansion of the Agility Area.