Unfortunately, currently we can only offer Brush Outs, Baths, Nails and Ears. Our Friend and loyal groomer is recovering from an illness and we will do the best we can without her. Please note that we cannot do any trimming or removal of matting at this time.

    Our thoughts and love are with you Karen, get well soon.

Mark, Jenn and the kids

General Information

    Grooming fees are based on the amount of work required to achieve what the customer wants.

    Size of pet does not always affect the fee as you would expect. A small dog with a double coat that is matted, may take more work than a large dog with no matting.
    Call us to arrange a time for your pets grooming session Visitors to your website are looking to learn about what your company offers, so be sure to provide the information they need. Let customers know you're the right fit.

Before and After Grooming...

    If your dog is untidy, its hair is too long or is just a little dirty, bring it in and we will fix it for you. Because a Clean and Tidy dog is more fun to be around!

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